Refinance Tips to Help You Negotiate the Most Money for Your Home

When you sell your home, it will be the largest transaction you ever participate in (other than buying a new home). You need to inform yourself and get educated with the facts before you sign on the dotted line.This report will teach you how to not only sell your home more quickly, but how to get top dollar in the process. We will examine 8 critical steps to success and how you can apply them to your situation.

Tip #1 – How to Maximize Profit

Ever heard the old saying “There are three factors in selling Real Estate – location, location, location”? While this may hold true to a certain extent, location isn’t everything. No matter where your home is located, there ARE things you can do to get maximum profit upon selling. First, you need to make your home sparkle and shine. Imagine that you are in a contest called “The Cleanest Home in America” and you are trying to win a top prize. Well, you don’t need to imagine, because you ARE in a contest. There are hundreds of other sellers in this area who are trying to get YOUR buyer to purchase THEIR home and you WILL lose out if your home isn’t spic and span. Fix every problem, no matter the size. If a door squeaks when you open it, use some oil on the hinges. If the paint in one room has some minor peeling, re-paint that room. Potential buyers will look at everything.

Tip #2 – Act like a Home Buyer, think like a Home Buyer

How hard is it for a potential buyer to obtain information about your home? Do they have to jump through hoops to get a return call from your Real Estate Agent? Do they have to come to an open house just to find out about all of the amenities your home offers?Never make it hard for a buyer to do business with you. Sound simple? It’s not. You would be amazed at the amount of buyers who simply move on and give up on a certain home because they can’t get the info they want and need in an efficient manner.Do yourself a favor. Before selecting an Agent, call up the Agent and act like you are a buyer wanting information on one of their listings. Then, see how long it takes for them to return your call. The service you receive will be a good indicator of the service and response time your potential buyers will receive.

Also, if your agent is running an ad for your home in the local homes and land magazine, make sure they insert plenty of info about your home and its amenities. Buyers want to know the square footage, the price, and main amenities right off the bat. Do the legwork for the buyer and make it easy!

Tip #3 – Find the Best Real Estate Agent… the Easy Way

Trying to find a great Real Estate Agent can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Every agent in town will try to convince you that they’re #1 for this or that. All of them will promise you the moon, but few will be able to deliver. We participate in many Real Estate transactions each month and, as a result, we are very familiar with the top Agents in this area. We would be happy to introduce you to a top agent –


Tip #4 – Always Sell First

There are a number of reasons we advise you not to move out before you sell. The main reason is that vacant homes take longer to sell. Did you know that scientific tests have proven, time and time again, that vacant homes are more difficult to sell, because they appear to be lonely, cold, forgotten places?

Tip #5 – Dot Your “i’s” and Cross Your “t’s”

 Even if your Agent has assured you that the purchase agreement / contract is complete and correct, always double-check it yourself to make sure. It’s important that you read and understand the contract the buyer will sign. Make sure that everything has been properly disclosed. A good buyer discloses everything, including any repairs the home will require, as well as all terms and additional costs. All of these should be spelled out clearly in the contract.

Tip #6 – Learn How to Negotiate Properly

When you are done reading this report, make sure you check out our FREE Report entitled “Negotiating Tips of Top Sellers”. Click here to access this report, or visit our Home Seller section and click on the link there.

Tip #7 – The Price is Right… (Or is it?)

Price is the most important item to consider when selling your home. If your home is priced too high, your home will languish on the market for months. If the price is too low, you will lose thousands of dollars in hard-earned equity needlessly. Remember – It’s not what your house is worth, but what someone is willing to pay.  You need to gauge market conditions properly for your area, and then set your price a bit lower than the average. If you price your house according to the market, it’s not likely to sell quickly.  That’s because the top 10% or 20% of houses with the best prices are selling each month in this area. If your house isn’t in that lower 20% range, then it isn’t likely to sell as quickly.

Tip #8 – Get Prepared and Do Your Homework

If you are selling your home, statistics say that you will likely buy a home here or somewhere in this state. You will soon be on the other side of the deal when you become a home buyer. You’re going to participate in the largest financial transaction of your life the next time you buy.  Are you ready?  Have you done your homework? Are you aware of the supply and demand statistics of home inventory vs. sales made this year? 

Are you aware of what % of total homes listed for sale actually sold last month, and more importantly, how that statistic can positively affect how you structure your purchase offer?   Have you assessed the best use of your cash and planned to maximize your leverage?In short, have you prepared a Home Purchase Strategy? We participate in many real estate transactions every month. Over time, we’ve learned a thing or two. Our staff would like to help you develop your personal strategy and consequently help you save thousands of dollars in the process.