As businesses try to deliver results and come short, you need a company that will guide you all the way through the process with 100 % satisfaction.  Thomas & his team are a group that I trust to keep me and my buyers up to date with all the latest news of government guidelines, restrictions and special offers.   They are fast, efficient, friendly and straight forward, they have been a great addition to my business platform and I look forward to continued business with Thomas & his crew over at Golden Empire Mortgage.

Kenny Oie
Einstein Mortgage & Realty Inc.

Words cannot express how much appreciation I have for Thomas and his team.  They helped me when others told me it was not possible. 

I am a survivor of domestic violence, a single mother of three, have filed bankrupcty (8 years ago), had been on my job for less than two years, only had a very small amount in savings and I received the keys to MY HOUSE two weeks ago!!!

Thomas told me at the start of the process, "I will not stop until I get you your house," and he never stopped. Thomas always returned my calls, always put my mind at ease, always explained different steps to the process and most important to me was when I didn’t call him, he called me. I never felt like his "client." I felt like a friend. 

They are what "teamwork" means.  On the day I received my keys, Thomas drove up to Victorville and was there with me and my kids when I unlocked the door to MY HOUSE!!! I could go on forever about this guy, but to sum it up, if you don’t own your home it’s only because you didn’t call Thomas first!!

Tristen Johnson


Thomas is the most hard-working, informative, helpful lender out there.  He made a promise to us, and at the end of the day that’s all he cared about- keeping his word.  We we’re supposedly "pre-qualified" through a well known lender in June 2009.  We spent months searching for a home and making offers.  When we finally got an offer accepted, that company did not deliver the loan!  We we’re devastated.  A good friend of ours said to call Thomas (who we met at her housewarming party earlier last year after he helped her purchase a home.)  Thomas welcomed us with open arms and pointed out some issues with our credit that needed to be addresses prior to proceeding.  He helped us come up with a plan that would both improve our credit tremendously and place our family into the home of our dreams.  He said we would be in our home early next year (2010,) and  we are proud to say that he delivered!  We received our keys on April 6th, just as he had promised.  We ran into some pretty major problems along the way.  At one point, the credit score needed was 13 points short.  Thomas found a way around that.  We were about half-way through our escrow waiting period when the state of CA placed a judgment on our credit report (even though we were making monthly payments to them.)  We thought that would bring the home-buying process to a halt, but Thomas said not to worry.  He set it up so that we could pay our balance to the state through escrow and we continued purchasing our home.  He is absolutely AMAZING!  Thomas always returned phone calls and e-mails promptly and kept us informed.  He explained each step of the process and helped to make our dreams come true.  No one else will do as thorough of a job as he will.  Thank you Thomas, and we look forward to seeing you at our housewarming party in June.
The Taylors


March 2011
Thank you G.E.M!!! Thomas Louisignau is an Angel! Thomas made our families dream come true of being a homeowner. He is very thorough, organized and prompt. Not to mention very assuring and reassuring that he can help make our dream come true whenever we had an issue he walked us through it with great results. Mr. Louisignau is a great asset to your company! The wife & I highly recommend your company because of Thomas. Once again THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gonzales Jr.