Cross Qualification Information

Cross Qualification Information

Greetings and thank you for visiting Cross Qualification section.  Cross Qualifying is just one of the many services the LB Group provides to our network of Real Estate Agents, Developers and Consumers. Click below to download Cross Qualification Application in PDF.

In a market of constant change and challenges, it is very important to ensure the hard work and efforts that all parties put into helping individuals and their families realize the dream of home ownership results in success. 

We feel it is our job to make sure everyone’s time is used wisely and effectively. We use a non-invasive approach that doesn’t involve high pressure sales or pushing clients into using our services.  Simply put, the client is entitled to what they feel will be best for their individual situation.

If you are a buyer who is not currently working with a lender and would like to get qualified for a home loan with the LB Group for the financing of your home, CLICK HERE to fill out our quick and easy application or simply call us at 888.627.7808 for personal service.  We are available to provide solid approval notices and ensure you the highest success rate to get into your new home.

  • Cross Qualifications are only used by agents to ensure the offers they are accepting are of the highest quality and highest potential for successful closing of transactions for clients.
  • If Cross Qualification is issued and current lender fails to deliver financing, the LB Group can step in and close the loan within 7-21 days provided all parties are in cooperation.