​San Bernadino County Homeownership Assistance Program

Looking to purchase a home in San Bernadino County with interest in a down payment assistance program? Well the Homeownership Assistance Program could be a big help in the home purchasing process.

However, there are several eligibility requirements.To qualify for this down payment assistance program, a buyer needs to not have owned a home within the previous three years and have resided in San Bernadino County for a minimum of one year prior to applying.

Participation in the Housing Choice Voucher Program or the Public Housing Program for at least one year is also required, plus the buyer needs to be deemed in good standing with the Housing Authority.

Potential home-owners also need to acquire their own mortgage funding by way of a lender without substantial collection balances, liens, judgments and minimum two years from a bankruptcy discharge.  

Employment status also comes into play regarding the down payment assistance program for San Bernadino County. Full-time status must have been sustained for two years, with a salary of at least $14,500 (2000 hours x Federal minimum wage). However, this does not apply to those who are disabled or at least 62 years of age.

Elderly and disabled participants also not need to possess a gross household income of two times the Housing Authority of the County of San Bernadino payment requirement for the size of the unit.

Participants are allowed to provide up to 3% of the sales cost in the form of a down payment, although a minimum of 1% is required. Grants, donations and gifts are allowed to make up the remaining 2%.

After all of the above-mentioned qualifications are satisfied by the participants, they are required to complete an eight-hour home-buyer education program from a United States Department of Housing and Urban Development-approved agency.

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